Are you losing sleep, thinking about all the ways your new build could go wrong?

– Do you have no idea where to start?

– Are you worried about going over time and budget?

Don’t make it any harder for yourself, take a deep BREATH…

Stehr Brothers is here to HELP, and SAVE you both TIME & MONEY!

At Stehr Brothers we understand the amount of stress you face when it comes to building a new home. We understand that this is the biggest financial investment you are likely to undertake in your lifetime and we want you to enjoy every aspect of the build from the start to the finish. Therefore having over 30 years of experience in the building industry from small renovations through to large high end residential new builds, we have expertise that are second to none in Auckland and can guarantee your job will be completed on time and within your budget.

The most crucial aspect of your build is finding a building company that can deliver your vision, map out the process for you, and produce your new build from the ground up. Are you worried about not being able to implement your ideas onto paper, making the whole process seem more daunting, well don’t worry we have a list of architects you can choose from, that we access to best align with your vision. If you have an architect already in mind and prefer to work with them, Stehr brothers will meet your expectations by handling communication with your architect, promptly so that they can get started on your new build right away. Giving you the added assurance that all of your ideas will be implemented. At Stehr brothers we have completed jobs varied in size, from a large multi-million dollar major house alteration & addition to a 19th century historic masonry villa in Herne Bay, featuring exterior timber joinery, copper asphalt tile roof with polished concrete floor. There is nothing we can’t build, giving you the added comfort of knowing you are in good hands as we are precise, flexible and make your homes high quality finish our priority.

Any changes you wish to make along the way are covered off through a variation to the contract. Our Quality Assurance checklist ensures that every step of your project is completed correctly the first time, so that there is no time being wasted on fixing mistakes and doing remedial work. To keep on track with your time frames and budget we use our custom designed personalised scheduling and budgeting system that is in real time.

Communication is key to the success of your project, that’s why we also call weekly progress meetings onsite with you to discuss the build, go over the budget and discuss any upcoming issues. For example, unscheduled delays with the work, unexpected costs that we might encounter so you are on top of your new build.

Check out our how we work with you page, giving you a more in depth picture of exactly how we will keep you in the loop, and on track with timeframes, budgets, and all the other important aspects of your build. If you are looking for a unique, innovative and fully customised home then Stehr brothers Ltd are your builders to choose. We have proven high performance levels and qualifications that will guarantee building the home you have envisaged.

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