Your Dream Home: Key Considerations for a Successful Home Renovation

Whether you’ve just purchased a fixer upper or you’re ready to breathe new life into your existing space, home renovations are the way to go. Exciting and challenging by turns, this is not something to take on lightly, but a renovation can truly transform your home.

To make it a success, there are a few key considerations every aspiring renovator should know. Ready to create your dream home? Read on as the team from Stehr Brothers offers their insights on what to look out for.

Define Your Goals and Priorities

First things first, all great home renovations begin with a clear set of goals. Ask yourself, what do you hope to achieve with your renovation? Aesthetics are just one dimension. You can upgrade your home in many ways, especially if you have a professional team to undertake the work.

Just a few of the objectives you might have:

  •       Increase the amount of space in your home or in a given room.
  •       Improve the functionality of a space so that it suits you better.
  •       Enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Without prior planning like this, you might find yourself at a crossroads later in the process if resources become tight or crucial decisions need to be made. Understanding your objectives will guide the entire renovation process, helping you make informed choices that don’t get lost in the moment’s stress.

If you work with Stehr Brothers, this step is something our design and consultation team can help you with.

Set a Realistic Budget

Home renovations are known for quickly racking up unexpected costs, but historically, we’ve found that this can be a result of property owners not accurately planning out their budgets – it’s not an easy task. It’s good to have aspirational costs, but the smartest thing you can do for yourself and your renovation is to establish a budget that’s as realistic as possible.

Realistic budgets consider all expenses, including materials, labour, permits, and unexpected contingencies. One of the biggest tips we can offer anyone embarking on a renovation journey is to create a buffer.

No matter how well your plans are laid out, unforeseen costs will likely arise. This buffer will give you some wiggle room should the worst happen.

Consider Your Sustainability Goals

We’re seeing environmental consciousness become increasingly important to our residential renovation clients, and no wonder! This is an increasingly environmentally conscious world, and that means priorities are shifting.

If this is a value you’re looking to prioritise as well, you can plan it into your renovation from the get-go. This is an opportunity to explore eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient appliances, and renewable energy solutions.

These solutions can reduce your environmental footprint while lowering utility costs. In other words, not only will these choices benefit the planet, but you’ll also be able to reap the rewards of your new energy-efficient home.

Prepare for Challenges

No home renovation comes without its challenges, especially if you’re going it alone. Rather than being thrown when these challenges arise, it’s vital to accept that there will be obstacles in your path and do your best to meet them.

From our experience as specialist home renovation builders and designers, we recommend that anyone embarking on this project always get inspections and building consents sorted as quickly as possible. These are some of the most common tripping points in the process!

Plan for the Future

While your current lifestyle and needs should play a major role in your renovation planning, your future needs should also be considered. As you and your family grow over time, your needs will change.

Renovations are a great opportunity to design your space to accommodate those changes, incorporating features that enhance accessibility and make room for kids.

Not only will planning for the future ensure your home remains functional for years to come, but it will also save you the money, stress, and time of a second renovation.

Partner with the Right Professionals

Finally, choosing the right team of renovation professionals is crucial to the success of your home renovation project. The right team will guide you through every step, helping you with everything from planning and budgeting to hammering down the last piece of trim.

Take the time to research your prospective contractors. Look for experienced professionals with a track record of delivering quality work within budget and on schedule. Clear communication, experience, and mutual trust are essential markets of a productive working relationship, so look out for those things throughout the consultation process.

At Stehr Brothers, these three values are what we’re proud to bring to every single one of our projects. We prioritise skilled craftsmanship, allowing homeowners like you to access the very best from their home renovation crew.

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